1896 Brunswick Bar

This piece is an old Brunswick bar that came out of the Log Cabin Saloon in Baker City, Oregon.  I was commissioned to rebuild and extend it to fit in a new restaurant being built.  It is now at home in Jordans Western Dining in Gillette, Wyoming.  A significant portion of the front bar had been poorly modified in the past, or was completely rotted away, so it ended up being a pretty major overhaul.  What started as a 14′ long bar with no side returns ended up nearly 21′ long and functional as a modern bar.

If you’re ever in northern Wyoming, go check it out!  The restaurant is amazing!

P&S-Bar-01 P&S-Bar-02 P&S-Bar-03 P&S-Bar-04 P&S-Bar-05 P&S-Bar-06 P&S-Bar-07 P&S-Bar-08 P&S-Bar-09 P&S-Bar-10 P&S-Bar-11