The Craftsman – Forrest Cramer

Craftsman Forrest Cramer headshot

It seems that his name destined him to be surrounded by wood because from a very young age, Forrest could often be found designing and creating something with it. From the annual tradition of carving a Santa at Christmas time to the Cedar Strip Canoe that he made with his dad and brother to the Hammered Dulcimer he designed and made for 4-H, he was always doing something in the shop.

After graduating from high school, Forrest apprenticed with a violin maker in Fort Collins, Colorado. There, his carving, artistry and design skills were finely honed. After completing the apprenticeship, he spent nine years restoring high end antique furniture, learning old joinery techniques and mastering the highest quality of furniture refinishing. It was during this time that he began to design and build custom pieces of furniture, often carving intricate and beautiful Victorian reproductions.

In August of 2011, Forrest started his own business, Pin & Scroll: Elegant Wood Designs, bringing with him over a decade of experience in fine craftsmanship and woodworking artistry. His designs gracefully combine old joinery methods with modern design elements, creating heirloom pieces that are timeless in their appearance and will last for lifetimes to come.


Why Pin and Scroll?

The name “Pin & Scroll” comes from a dovetail-type joint that was used during the late 1800ís. It is more commonly called the ìKnapp Jointî or ìPin & Crescent Jointî and was developed by Charles B. Knapp, a furniture maker in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The joint consists of integral dowels and half-round mortises in the face of the drawer, and a half-round ìtailî with a hole drilled in it to receive the dowel on the drawer sides. Charles Knapp completed the machine to make this joint in 1867 and the joint became widely used by 1870, but fell out of popularity with the introduction of the standard machine dovetail at the turn of the century.

The joint itself is beautiful, especially when contrasting woods are used for the drawer front and sides, but the strength of the joint is what makes it remarkable. It is rare that a drawer that was assembled using this type of joint will ever come apart. It was this combination of enduring strength and beauty that inspired Forrest to choose this name for the business. Pin & Scroll: Elegant Wood Designs uniquely captures the timelessness and uncompromising quality that he strives for in everything he creates.



Core Values