Forrest Cramer

Owner of Pin & Scroll


Pin & Scroll is the culmination of several decades of experience, attention to detail, and a deep appreciation for art in everyday life.


I remember many hours in my dad’s workshop as a child learning to carve Santa figurines at Christmas time, and as a young teenager working with my dad and brother to build a wood strip canoe. As my skill grew, I took on new challenges, eventually building a custom-designed hammered dulcimer as a 4-H woodworking project.


These humble beginnings set the foundation for opportunities that eventually led me to build Pin & Scroll into what it is today.

My Story

1998-2000 | Musical Beginnings

At the core of Pin & Scroll is an unyielding dedication to quality and precision.

This started with a two year apprenticeship with renowned violin maker and local craftsman, Geary Baese. Under his guidance, I developed a standard of precision craftsmanship that would define my woodworking career from that time forward.

2002-2011 | Antique Wood Furniture Restoration

The shift toward handmade wood furniture began when I took a position restoring high-end Victorian era furniture at a local shop. This opportunity evolved into reproducing antique designs for clients who hoped to seamlessly integrate new furniture with their antiques. The process provided insight into the old ways of woodworking which have largely been abandoned for more efficient methods yet whose structure cannot be rivaled.

August 2011 | Launch of Pin & Scroll

Like so many artists and craftsmen, the launch of my own business was met with many challenges. Maintaining my commitment to uncompromising quality while building a client base and developing my skills as a furniture designer were just the start.

Eventually this dedication to quality paid off as I began to establish trust and develop relationships with local builders and designers in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, CO.

Today | Premier Woodworking in Denver and Fort Collins

Today I am proud that Pin & Scroll has become the go-to source of premier custom furniture for high-end designers and builders such as Freestone Design-Build, Elegant Pear, and Hammersmith Structures here in Fort Collins, CO.

My custom wood pieces can be seen prominently in various shops and restaurants in downtown Fort Collins including Ginger & Baker, The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro and the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.

My Work