Antique Brunswick Bar

A client whom I had done work for several years ago contacted me for this challenging project. He had acquired an 1896 Brunswick bar from the Log Cabin Saloon in Baker City, Oregon, one of the original settlements along the Oregon Trail. In a photograph showing the bar in the Log Cabin Saloon, the bar top was also inlayed with silver dollars but at some point in the history of the bar, those pieces were lost.

By the time the bar came to me, a lot of the bar had been cut apart. Much of the original front bar was simply not in existence any more, and what was there was in poor condition, with much of the wood rotting away. My challenge was to deconstruct the bar and rebuild it, restoring it to its original glory and adding to it in order to extend the length and make it functional in a modern restaurant setting. Great care was taken to make sure that everything that was added fit the historical style.

The bar is now at home in Jordan’s Western Dining in Gillette, Wyoming. If you ever find yourself traveling through, go check it out! The restaurant is fantastic in every way.

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