Walnut Entertainment Center

This piece was filled with challenges.

First, every piece of furniture in this client’s home is Victorian, so when it came to designing a TV cabinet, it had to measure up in quality and elegance. Second, the piece is a built-in sandwiched between a concrete wall on the fireplace and the exterior wall of the house, so there was no flexibility in the size. And when you have a flat-screen TV that is only four inches narrower than that space, enter a design nightmare.

The end result was a serpentine-front cabinet with burled door panels and hand-carved keyhole covers, base carvings and an incredibly time-consuming crown. The doors that cover the TV are split at the outside stile and are hinged with wooden “barrel” hinges that allow the doors to swing around behind the TV, which can then be pulled out of the cabinet.

Of all the pieces I have ever created, this is one I am especially proud of.